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Rayman 2 - The story

Pirates have taken over Rayman's world, and they have imprisoned him and most of his friends. Rayman has escaped from the pirates, but he needs to regain his powers in order to free his friendsRazorbeard from the pirates and their boss, the evil Razorbeard. Ly the fairy is the only one who can help him, but she too has been captured by the pirates.
Ly the fairy To free her, Rayman must battle pirates and disable the machine that has placed her in suspension. The pirates have broken the primordial energy of the world into a thousand pieces, called "lums". Rayman needs to recover these lums in order to regain his powers. Also, the red lums contain vital energy that can restore Rayman's health.

Hints ::
Many interesting things are hidden behind the bandages, but different techniques are needed
in order to access the hidden passages.
Some bandages can be broken with Rayman's fist, and still others need to be broken with barrels
full of gunpowder.

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Rayman can pick up these barrels of gunpowder and throw them; this can be very useful. Some
passages are blocked and can only be opened by finding the right switch. To open a closed
passage, Rayman needs to shoot the light switch with his fist. When two walls are close enough
together to form a crevice, Rayman can shimmy up between them by jumping rapidly. To jump
up between two walls hit the "A" key rapidly.

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