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Rayman's Enemies

Rayman has escaped from the pirates, but he
needs to regain his powers in order to free his
friends from the pirates and their boss, the
evil Razorbeard.

Admiral Razorbeard
Admiral Razorbeard

Admiral Razorbeard

The Henchman
The Henchman:

These are the pirate's robot invasion force. Totally devoted to Admiral Razorbeard, they enforce a reign of terror by capturing anyone unlucky enough to cross their paths. There exist several different models, each with it's strong and weak point.

Gorilla Pirat
Creolischer Pirat
Pirate Gorilla
Creolischer Pirat

Zombie ChickenZombie Chicken:

We can no longer even keep track of all the
sinister results provoked by the arrival of pirates:
disturbances in overall harmony, the proliferation
of piranhas, giant spiders and caterpillars, etc...
Terrified by all these events, the hens began laying
dead eggs, out of which burst the horrible Zombie

Guardian of the Cave of the Bad Dreams:

A terrifying monster who's job is to guard
the subterranean grotto where the creatures
stemming from nightmares of Polokus are
locked away. No one has dared to venture
within the Cave of Bad Dreams, even though
it's rumoured to contain an even more
precious treasure.
Guardian of the Cave of the Bad Dreams

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