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Objects in Rayman's World
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 Rayman with magic stone 

- Objects in Rayman's World -

Les Cages
> Cages ::
There are 80 cages throughout the whole game. They could be opened by two of Rayman's shots, or one shot if his fists were powered up. Each time you free 10 of them, your life bar goes a bit longer and refill itself to max. Most of the time, Lums will come out of them.

> Barrels ::
Kegs are barrels full of gun powder. You could hurl them at enemies to blast them, but also grab them then light them with a fire torch and you'll go zooming in the air with it! Kegs could also be used to break the metal plasters.

> Walking Shell ::
Walking Shells are missiles created by the pirates. One shot will be enough to make them blast. They're often launched from a little kinda dog kennel. You could tame them by riding on them once they're asleep. These shells could travel across lava and many other paths you cannot cross. If they're going too fast, you can't jump off!

> Plums ::
Magic Plums have lots of different functions. You could get on them to travel through lava without it melting! However, it'll melt if it touches the brighter lava pits. Another function is that you could use it as a lift to taller places you cannot reach! And finally, you could throw them at your enemies' heads, especially at the Monkey Pirates!

> Plaster ::
Messy as pirates are, they don't really mess about in mending their broken things and simply put huge, disgusting plasters on them instead. There are two types of them. One is a metal one, which will need to be blasted by a keg or a Walking Shell. The wooden ones could be broken with one of Rayman's shots.

> Switch ::
Switches are used to open gates, doors, create new paths, stop lasers and have many other uses. Buttons have the same functions, except they will switch themselves back off for a period of time. Both could be switched on with one of Rayman's shots.

Magic mask
Magic Objects
Magic mask

Magic ball
> Magic Spheres ::
Magic Spheres allow you to unlock certain doors to gain access to ancient places if you put them on their bases. There are two types of them; one is Silver (blueish) and one is Gold (orangish). The silver ones fit on top of the silver-coloured pyramids and the gold ones fit on top of the gold-coloured pyramids. If Rayman accidentally drops a Magic Sphere into some murky water, cliff or lava, it reappears from where it was last placed.

Stone of ideas
> Stone of Thought ::
Whenever you stand near a Stone of Thought, either Murfy will appear to talk to you or he'll talk to you in your mind. He'll give you a bit of help. If you're still not sure about his advice, you could hold onto F1.

Magic door
> Magic Doors ::
Magic Doors exist at the beginning and end of every level. They lead back to the Hall of Doors. Some Magic Doors may lead from one level to another.

The four masks
> The four Masks ::
The four masks are owned by Polokus and if you give them all back to him, he'll wake up. They're hidden in sacred places, mostly in the sanctuaries. But what really are they? Actually, each are placed in one of the four corners of the world and Polokus, not wanting anyone to get their hands on them, created the guardians to guard the masks in the depths of the sanctuaries. He also put one weakness on each of the guardians so they could only be beaten by one true warrior (Rayman!).

Violet Lum
The Lums
Violet Lum

Yellow Lum
Yellow Lums
Yellow Lums are the bits of energy that form the Primordial Core. They've been shattered since the pirates' arrival. These Lums also contain precious knowledge. The more you take, the more Rayman will know when you hold onto F1. These Lums are required to enter "new worlds." Long ago, the 1000 Lums got together and formed Polokus, the spirit of the world.

Yellow Super Lum
Super Yellow Lums
Super Yellow Lums are bigger, stronger and rarer, with smiley faces on them. These ancient Lums are five times stronger than normal ones.

Red Lum
Red Lums
Red Lums are packed in virtual energy and because of this, the pirates love taking them. Destroy them, then you can take all the Red Lums which they have stolen! Stronger pirates tend to have more Red Lums than the usual ones. When Rayman takes them, they refill a bit of his life bar. There are two types of them; the ones which never disappear unless you take them, and ones which appear in rows of about 5-10 and as soon as one of them is taken, they'll all disappear in a short amount of time, around five seconds.

Violet Lum
Purple Lums
Purple Lums assure cohesion of the world. Without them, nothing will be solid or visible. Purple Lums are for swinging onto. Once Rayman hits one, he'll go swinging back and forth. The length of the swing differs in many ways. Some are very short, and some are incredibly long. If something intercepts the swing, Rayman loses contact with the Lum.

Blue Lum
Blue Lums
Blue Lums are filled with air and they contain the first breath. They're the origin of life, and every creature receive their Blue Lums at birth and keeps them until the day they die. Blue Lums refill a bit of Rayman's oxygen bar. Again, there are two types of them. One is the one that could be taken like any other normal Lum, another one doesn't disappear once you've got it. It'll stay there forever and Rayman's oxygen bar will refill every time he swims through it

Green Lum
Green Lums
Green Lums are checkpoint Lums. When you die, you reappear from where you last took one, unless if your whole life bar is gone. If it is, you start from the beginning of the area again. If you're near a Green Lum, it'll come to you automatically.

Silver Lum
Silver Lums
Silver Lums were created by fairies, and they make Rayman more powerful. The first one he takes gives him the Magic Fist power, the second one gives him the power to swing onto Purple Lums, the third one gives him power to adjust the strength of his shots, and finally, the fourth one gives him the ability to fly!

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