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Help - Rayman 2 FAQ/Patches

Rayman2 FAQ/Patches ::

Rayman 2 System Requirements ::

Minimum System Requirements:
* Pentium 133 processor (or equivalent) * Windows 95 or 98 * 32MB of RAM * 4X speed CDROM * Sound Blaster compatible sound card * 4MB 3D Accelerator graphics card (Voodoo1(3DFX) or higher with 4MB of RAM or D3D compatible graphics card with 4MB of RAM)
Recommended System Requirements:
* Pentuim MMX 200 processor or higher * Windows 95 or 98 * 64MB of RAM * 8X speed CDROM * Sound Blaster/DirectX compatible sound card * 16MB 3D Accelerator graphics card (Voodoo2(3DFX) or higher with 16MB RAM or D3D compatible graphics card with 16MB RAM)

Other compatible 3D Graphic Accelerator Cards:
3DFX Voodoo3 Guillemot Maxi Gamer 3D and 3D2 Guillemot Maxi Gamer Pheonix and Xentor 32 Intel I740 ATI 3D Rage Pro and Rage Magnum S3 Savage 4 Nvidia Riva TNT, TNT2, Geforce, Geforce2 Matrox Millenium G400

Ubi Soft Readme Rayman 2 Word doc.

Which 3D accelerator cards are supported for Rayman 2?

* 3DFX
o Voodoo
o Voodoo 2 (V2 1000)
o Voodoo 3 (V3 2000, 3000)
o Voodoo 4
o Voodoo Banshee
o Voodoo Rush

o i740 * ATI
o Rage Pro
o Rage 128
* Matrox
o G200
o G400

* Nvidia
o Riva 128
o Riva 128zx
o Riva TNT
o Riva TNT2
o GeForce
* S3
o Savage 3D
o Savage 4

Download "Rayman 2 - The Great Escape - Voodoo3-Update":
Download Patch here

Rayman 2 Sound Patch ::
I lose sound in the game with an Aureal (A3D) sound card . . .
If you are losing sound in the game and your sound card is based on the A3D chip by Aureal,
this patch will fix the problem.
Answer :
Click below to download the patch. Extract the files to the DLL directory of the Rayman 2 directory.
Download >>>
raysound.exe (100kb) ZIP

Rayman 2 says
"Please insert CD" on the Top Of The World level - even when the CD is in the drive.

This problem is solved by downloading the file below.
Download ray2patcher.exe here. - ray2patcher.exe (36,5Kb)

"Insert CD" error in the Rayman 2 eXclusive
When i reach the level "Beneath the sanctuary of rock and lava" i get a big error on my
screen that tells me to "Insert the CD". But the cd is allready in the drive.
This error is in the eXclusive version of the Rayman 2 game. Please contact the technical
support team via the "
Ask a question" tab on top and we will correct the problem
UBISOFT Solution Center

Download Spanish Patch Zip File here
Rayman2 (17,4KB) <<<

Tip from Tom Sools ::

“CD missing” problem in Rayman 2 eXclusive.
Tommy wrote ...

I first tried the file “Ray2patcher.exe”, as that one is suggested at the official Ubisoft website too.
But it didn’t help. So next I installed the Spanish “R2KLDPtc.exe”. That one seemed to work. But
now the game got stuck at another world. It appeared that worlds that used to work before, no
longer worked
The point is that I applied both patches at the same time. Later I reverted the first patch and to my
surprise, all levels work without problems now.
... install either of the patches, depending on their edition of Rayman 2, but never both patches at
the same time.

Dank u wel, Tom!

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experimentation, knowledge of compatibility options, and luck, you can get at least some of those
glorious older games to run happily on Windows XP.
How to Run Windows 9x-based Games with Windows XP?

If you receive an error message like this "This progam requires Windows 95" open the Program
Compatibility Wizard to help you test compatibility settings that may fix the problem.
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Help - Rayman 2 FAQ/Patches

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