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Rayman 3 - Worlds
Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc :: The qonquered territories

The Fairy Council

01. The Fairy Council ::

Cages 0 - Level 6
It all starts here. This mystical forest kingdom is home to the Heart of
the World, and the Hoodlums can’t wait to get their grubby mitts on it.
Time for Rayman to start cleaning up this neighborhood.

02. Clearleaf Forest ::

Cages 10 - Level 6

Once it was bustling with life. Now, this lush woodland is overrun with hordes of no-good Hoodlums. They’ve built up towers, bunkers, and other obstacles to make Rayman’s trip here anything but a walk in the park.

Clearleaf Forest

The Bog of Murk

03. The Bog of Murk ::

Cages 9 - Level 6

This uncharted marshland lies in the nether-realms of Rayman’s world.It’s home to a slew of fiendish flora and fauna – not to mention anti-social witches and egomaniacal musketeers.

04. The Land of the Livid Dead ::

Cages 9 - Level 6

Scarred by cruel winds and crushing storms, this bitter wasteland doesn’t take kindly to visitors, especially adventuring types like Rayman. More than one tale has been whispered about a phantom race of creatures imprisoned within this haunted Moor.

The Land of the Livid Dead

The Desert of Knaaren

05. The Desert of Knaaren ::

Cages 6 - Level 12

It’s different down here. That’s because the Knaaren aren’t your garden variety thugs. These tribal warriors are so hardcore, they carved their lair straight out of the solid rock. If this is how the Knaaren handle interior design, just imagine how they handle intruders.

06. The Longest Shortcut ::

Cages 0 - Level 3
This hallowed temple is filled with light … a little too much light, actually.
Because after navigating this vertical maze of trippy reflective platforms,
Rayman might not know which way’s up.
The Longest Shortcut

The Summit Beyond the Clouds

07. The Summit Beyond the Clouds ::

Cages 3 - Level 3

The seas are looming, all right – looming with waves of weird watercraft that only the Hoodlums were insane enough to launch. Tread these waters with caution.

08. Hoodlum Headquarters ::

Cages 7 - Level 5

Constructed from spare parts, bits of machinery, and plenty of Hoodlum elbow grease the Hoodlum Meddleworks is the production center for all Hoodlum munitions. It’s also where the Hoodlums covet their treasured Plum Juice recipe.

Hoodlum Headquarters

The Tower of the Leptys

09. The Tower of the Leptys ::
Cages 10 - Level 5
Rayman manages to escape just as the Hoodlum HQ explodes.
Unfortunately, so has Andre, and he and Reflux have begun to
summon the Leptys. Rayman must stop them.


Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc :: Hints/Tips

Unlockable Mini-games ::

Rayman 2-D Madness
Earn 1,000 points
Racket Jump
Earn 3,000 points
Earn 4,000 points
Razzof Circus
Earn 6,000 points

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