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Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc :: Enemies 

Hoodboom ::

It's hard to say where exactly the Hoodbooms' allegiances lie: with the Dark Lum Lord or with the firebombs they crave to set off. Striving to create the biggest explosion ever recorded, Hoodbooms craft explosives with a demolitionist's skill, only to detonate them with a maniac's glee. It's no wonder Hoodbooms can turn almost any household item into a high explosive, their favorite being a jug of plum juice.

Stumbleboom ::

Perched precariously atop a pair of wooden stilts, Stumbleboom units were originally formed by hapless Hoodboom troops who were afraid of water. Once the laughingstock of the entire infantry, the Stumblebooms took up the stilts, and now enjoy a huge height advantage over their fellow Hoodmonger soldiers. Their only worry now is that pesky Rayman - and the occasional low-hanging tree branch.



Hoodblaster ::

The most fanatic soldiers in the war to free the Dark Lum Lord are the Hoodblasters, known for the mighty boomsticks they tout with tyrannical authority. These gritty troops are the grunts of the Hoodlum Army and feature some of the most scattershot shooting skills ever seen. While off-duty, Hoodblasters live for the cutthroat competition of frog shooting tournaments.

Hoodoo ::

Cloaked in robes from the finest Hoodlum stitching, the elitist Hoodom are feared by the lesser Hoodlum ranks. Although no Hoodlum knows the true extent of their spellcasting power, the Hoodoo are renowned combat healers. Little else is spoken about these superior sages who charge their Hoodlum underlings with mundane tasks while they hold secretive Hoodoo gatherings.


Heckler ::

Hecklers are trigger-happy, armed to the teeth, and plagued by a wicked case of armor rash. Not a good combination for any creature that happens upon these halfcocked enforcers. Add to this a strange affinity for turtles and a lack of short- term memory, and you've got one high-caliber hooligan. A Heckler's true happines is a warm Wild Crash cannon, which leaves nothing left of its victims except the oddly pleasant scent of plums.

Hoodlock ::

Hoodlocks are large and in charge. Their huge girth and deadly wrecking ball
fists make theme perfect for guarding passages and doors. Once a Hoodlock is
assigned to its post, even their commanding Hoodlum officers have a hard time
getting them to go away!


Slapdash ::

When operations call for close quarter combat, the Hoodlums deploy their Slapdash forces. These slaphappy shock troops wield giant, wide-bladed weapons to slap their targets silly. Victims of the Slapdash troops don't know which is worse - their stinging face or their bruised morale.

Grims :: >>> Under the training of their wily Grimkeepers, the scrappy little Grims make up of their small size with a highly expolosive personality.

Grims Grims

Grim Keeper ::

Grim Keepers are the Hoodlum Army's heavy-forces solution for securing captured areas. Deployed to guard critical points with extreme prejudice, these unpredictable living walls keep an army of tiny creatures called Grims behind their massive shield arms. Trained to explode on contact, Grims will hunt down and dispatch intruders. Grim Keepers also keep a jug of plum juice handy - to drink away the shellshock after losing precious Grims in combat.

Grim Keeper

Lavicraft ::
To cleans the world of Rayman and his do-gooder friends, the Hoodlum Army will
make weapons out of anything, even their precious washing machines. After hours
of tinkering Hoodlum engineers unveiled the Agitator: Part washing machine, part
bubble shooter, part flame thrower - all havoc.

Hoodloon ::

Equipped with pairs of leathery, batlike wings, the Hoodloon division is
on a mission to achieve air superiority. Unfortunately, the Hoodloons
are so batty about their ability to fly that they'd rather be superheroes
than soldiers.

Rayman - Friends - Enemies

Hood Stomper

Hood Stomper ::

The Masterkaag is masterful indeed; a simple yet smashing war machine controlled by a small Hoodlum atop two destuctive stomping legs. The Hood- lums are so thrilled with theire precious powerhouse that they obsessively scrub it down in nearby ponds.

Hoodstormer ::

Experts in Psychological Warfare, the airborn Hoodstormer units are superbly trained in the art of annoying enemies into submission with startegic swooping maneuvers. Commanding poor pedaling creatures to power their propellers, Hoodstormer pilots train in the swamplands to learn the attack patterns of the ultimate airborn annoyance - mosquitoes.


Armaguiddon ::

The Hoodlums loaded this next-generation combat fighter with every- thing they could think of, like triple-plum condensers, rechargeable Fulgure- 27-cannons, phase gigatubes, gyro-grommets, and all sorts of stuff engineered for maximum havoc.

Andre, head of the dark Lums ::

In the beginning, there was one. No creature knows the true origin of the Dark Lum Lord, who began the reign of havoc on Rayman's world. It has been whispered that one day, a single red lum beheld something so terrible it grew black with fear and evil. This Transformed Dark Lum spread the evil to other red lums, eventually forming an army of cloaked soldiers called Hoodlums. Soon Rayman and Globox discovered the Hoodlum' s plan: to taint the Heart of the World.

Andre, head of the dark Lums

Dark Lums
Dark Lums ::
These winged little nasties are concentrated puffs of pure evil, the brain-
less spwan of theire master, the Dark Lum Lord who now resides trapped
inside Globox's stomach. Channeling their fury into an army of Hoodlums,
Dark Lums will stop at nothing to free their Lord and unleash an insidious
rule of darkness upon Rayman's world.





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