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Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc :: Friends/Characters/Items 


Rayman, the Limbless Protagonist ...
The hero of the game and a fearless defender of the little guys. His lack of
arms and legs doesn't just make him an odd-looking fellow; it also lets him
throw his detached fists into bad guys from a distance.


Globox ...

Rayman’s ever-faithful partner, the bumbling Globox incurred the Hoodlum’s wrath when he swallowed their almighty leader, the Dark Lum Lord. Fortunately, this rotund sidekick’s belly is the ideal prison to keep the Lum Lord at bay. There’s just one catch – Globox needs plum juice to quell the Lum Lord’s tantrums, and will risk blowing the whole adventure just for a keg of foamy plum goodness.

Murphy ...

Murfy is the tough-guy fly with the 411on the dangers, enemies and obstacles Rayman must face throughout the adventure. He’s got the speed and the sass to zip into Hoodlum camps undetected, then report back with the best way to proceed. Murfy’s never at a loss for words – even if it means busting on Rayman whenever the opportunity presents itself.


The Teensies ... the Dudes in the Cages

These peaceful denizens of Rayman's world are the masters of magic and song. Inhabiting the many lands throughout the realm, each Teensie tribe has developed their own distinct musical style. Unfortunately, their melodious ways have attracted the Hoodlums, who have gone out of their way to imprison the diminutive minstrels. A reward lies in store for anyone who frees Teensies from their cages … got that, Rayman?

Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc :: Special Creatures and Items

Matuvu ...

A small blue lizard native to Rayman's world. If Rayman focuses on a Matuvu during Look Mode for about two seconds, he will gain 250 points. (the Matuvu waves and disappears afterwards). Matuvu often cling high up on walls and ceilings, making them difficult to spot.

How to find Tribelles and Matuvus >>>

Tribelle ...

A small red flower-shaped insect native to Rayman's world. If Rayman slowly approaches a Tribelle and touches it, he will gain 250 points (the Tribelle flies away afterwards). If Rayman rushes towards it, he will startle it and cause it vanish, losing the points. Tribelles are rare and are usually found sleeping on the ground at secluded corners.


Plum ...
Plums can be found growing on certain trees, and they respawn if they're destroyed by accident. Unlike in the first installment, plums no longer float in water, but they can be stuck onto wooden spikes to form platforms. After he punches a plum so it falls down, Rayman will automatically pick it up if he stands next to it. Press the Attack Button to make him throw it, and press the Jump Button to make him set it down.

Cage ...

The Hoodlums have trapped the Teensies inside their Cages, which are attached to balloons. For every Cage Rayman breaks, he will earn a Medallion. When Rayman is near a Cage, the Teensy inside will call out, "Help!"


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