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Rayman 1 - Picture City - Table of Contents
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Eraser Plains - Pencil Pentathlon
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Rayman - Picture City  
Rayman - Picture City
1. Eraser Plains 2. Pencil Pentathlon 3. Space Mama's Crater

This is the world of images, and also the world of mirages: passing across
the stage of a small theatre, Rayman can find on his path beings straight
from a pirate or a science fiction film. In particular, he meets Mama, an
impressive shrew armed with a bizarre rolling pin . . .

In Picture City are 18 Cages

Ting Enemies in Picture City Ting

Piraten Mama
Space Mama
Piraten Mama
Pirat 2
Space Mama

Picture City
Picture City - Eraser Plains
Eraser Plains
- Level 01 - Level 04

Eraser  Plains - Level 01
Picture City - Level 01 - (2 cages)

Eraser  Plains -  Level 02
Picture City - Level 02 - (1 cage)

Eraser  Plains  - Level 03
Picture City - Level 03 - (3 cages)

Fight wth Pirates The secret to getting past the first pirate is to move to the right of the screen and punch him in the corner. This way you won't have to dodge the second pirate's bombs, and the first pirate won't be able to duck underneath your punches. Once you've gotten rid of the first pirate, jump up and knock the second pirate out of the ship. Move to the left side of the screen this time so that you can see his bombs coming. It takes 3 hits to knock
Fighting with the Pirates - Level 04 - him out of the ship.

Fight with Space Mama Here's your first chance to fight Space Mama. Space Mama can only be hit by jumping on top of the knives once they get stuck in the floor and then hitting her while she is in the air.
Make sure that you use your running power to avoid the knives that come darting at you from above, and duck underneath the spinning knives that are low to the ground.
First fight with Space Mama - Level 04 -  

Magician's top hat (Save spot)
Go to the Magician's top hat (Save spot) and save
your game. ( The level 01 - 04 you just finished)
Magician's top hat (Save spot)

Picture City
Picture City - Pencil Pentathlon
Pencil Pentathlon - Level 05 - Level 07

Fünfkampf der Stifte - Level 05
Picture City - Level 05 - (2 cages)

Fünfkampf der Stifte - Level 06
Picture City - Level 06 - (1 cage)

Fünfkampf der Stifte - Level 07
Picture City - Level 07 - (3 cages)

Magician's top hat (Save spot)
Go to the Magician's top hat (Save spot) and save
your game. ( The level 05 - 07 you just finished)
Magician's top hat (Save spot)

Picture City
Picture City - Space Mamas Crater

Space Mamas Crater - Level 08 - Level 11

Space Mamas Crater - Level 08
Picture City - Level 08 - (2 cages)

Space Mamas Crater - Level 09
Picture City - Level 09 - (2 cages)

Space Mamas Crater - Level 10-
Picture City - Level 10 - (2 cages)

Fight with Space Mama
Fight 2 with Space Mama - Level 11 -
When she first appears, it may seem like she is trying to corner you. But if you hit her in the head and then duck as she fires her laser, after 3 or 4 hits she'll let you out of the corner.Duck, crawl or use the running power to avoid the various objects that come flying after you. When Space Mama hides behind the washing machine, jump over her lasers and keep punching the machine until she throws it away. Then, start aiming for her head once more.

Magician's top hat (Save spot)
Go to the Magician's top hat (Save spot) and save
your game. ( The level 08 - 11 you just finished)
Magician's top hat (Save spot)

Cave of Skops
You finished Picture City, and . . .

"Crystal Palace" is the first Level/Game
in the
Cave of Skops >>>

Picture City

Game Tips

The Magician ::
He is hidden away in the scenery. With his help, Rayman can enter into secret worlds. In these bonus stages, you skill and rapidity will allow you to earn Tings or a bonus life. It will cost you 10 Tings to take advantage of it.

The Photographer ::
He is there to immortalize your feats!. When you
lose a life, you start again in the last place where
the photographer took a picture of you.

Rayman 1 - Cheats ::

RAYLIVES = 99 lives
RAYPOINT = 5 energy points
RAYWIZ = 10 additional blue tings
POWER = all abilitys
GOLDFIST = golden fist
WINMAP = You win the level at once

Different versions of Rayman use differing sets of cheat codes.
If one set does not work in your game, try a code from the other set.

kom0ogdk - Restores 5 energy points
86e40g91 - Get 10 tings
2x2rmfmf - Golden fist
trj8p - 99 lives
en5gol2g - All powers
o8feh - Skip to next level
4ctrepfj - Access to all 6 worlds (map screen only)

More Links/Rayman 1 Help ::
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Picture City

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