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Dream Forest

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Rayman 1 - Dream Forest - Table of Contents
Pink Plant Woods - Anguish Lagoon - Swamps of Forgetfulness
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Rayman in the dream forest  
Rayman in the dream forest

Rayman must recapture the Great Protoon from its mysterious kidnapper, free the Electoons and reasseble them all to restore the world's harmony. But will the bad guys let him do it?... After all, he doesn't have arms or legs... but don't panic, neither do the bad guys.

Here in the jungle are 18 cages!!

Ting Enemies in the jungle Ting

TreeRayman and MoskitoTree

Here in the jungle a giant Moskito is the Big Boss.

Großer Livingstone
Kleiner Livingstone

Pink Plant Woods
Pink Plant Woods. Level 01 - 04
Level 01
Pink Plant Woods Level 01 (No cages)
Level 02
Pink Plant Woods Level 02 ( 3 cages)
Schlagende FaustJetzt bekommt Rayman die Faust zum schlagenSchlagende Faust
From Betilla, Rayman gets now the
telescopic fist Level 03
Level 04
Pink Plant Woods Level 04 (3 cages)

When you have completed these levels, you come back to the world map
and the next paths are available to you and will be highlighted on the screen.

Magician's top hat (Save spot)
Go to the Magician's top hat (Save spot) and save
your game. ( The level 01 - 04 you just finished)
Magician's top hat (Save spot)

Tip ::
If you jump up and knock a grape down, you could ride it in the water

Anguish Lagoon
Anguish Lagoon Level 05 - 07

Level 05
Anguish Lagoon Level 05 (5 cages)
You will not be able to reach two of them
until you get the power to grapple, which
you receive in Jungle Level 17.

Level 06
Big Boss Moskito
Rayman's first fight with Moskito.

Level 06
( No cages)

Level 07
Moskito flight
Anguish Lagoon Level 07 (1 cage)

Betilla the Fairy
Betilla the Fairy gives Rayman the power to hang. Anguish Lagoon Level 08 (No cages)

You can now go back to get some of the cages that you
couldn't reach the first time through the level!

Magician's top hat (Save spot)
Go to the Magician's top hat (Save spot) and save
your game. ( The level 05 - 08 you just finished)
Magician's top hat (Save spot)

The Swamps of Forgetfulness
The Swamps of Forgetfulness. Level 09 - 11
Level 09

Knock down Tarayzan's clothes which are stuck on a vine, and he will give you a magic seed to help you escape. You can plant the seed (pressing "x" key) to escape the rising water. You cannot plant one seed on top of another.

Level 09
(1 cage)

Level 10
Level 10 (2 cages)

Level 11 (3 cages)
One of the cages cannot be reached unless you have the helicopter power.

Magician's top hat (Save spot)
Go to the Magician's top hat (Save spot) and save your game.
( The level 09 - 11 you just finished)
Magician's top hat (Save spot)

Moskito's Nest Level 12 - 15

Level 12
Moskito's Nest - Level 12 (3 cages) One cage requires
the power to grapple which you receive in Level 17

Level 13
Moskito's Nest - Level 13 (2 cages)

Level 14
Moskito's Nest - Level 14 (No cages)

Tip :: Moskito's Nest - Level 14
There really is no secret other than staying as far ahead of the fruit as possible and not delaying your jumps from vine to vine

Level 15
Moskito's Nest - Level 15 (1 cage)

Big Boss Moskito

Try to remain in the middle of the screen so that you can see in which direction he's coming. Try hitting him while jumping in the air.Jump over Moskito when he dive bombs you low to the ground. And duck underneath the large, spiked, purple fruit that he carries.
Rayman's second Moskito fight
Moskito's Nest - Level 16

Rayman swing on flying ringBetilla the FairyRayman swing on flying ring
Level 16 Betilla the Fairy gives Rayman the power to grapple.

Magician's top hat (Save spot)
Go to the Magician's top hat (Save spot) and save your game.
( The level 12 - 15 you just finished)
Magician's top hat (Save spot)

Bongo Hill
Jungel/Dream Forest is finished, and ..

"Bongo Hill " is your first Level in the
Musicworld/Band Land >>>

The Dream Forest

Game Tips

TreeRayman und BetillaTree
Betilla the Fairy grants Rayman these very special powers . . .

Telescopic fist - Pink Plant Woods - Level 03
Hanging onto platforms - Anguish Lagoon - Level 08
Grabbing fist - Moskitos Nest - Level 16

Telescopic fistTelescopic fistTelescopic fist
Telescopic fist ::
Press Space bar to send off the fist. The longer you keep the button pressed, the further the fist will go.
Telescopic fist (Press Space bar)

Rayman swing on flying ring
Grabbing fist ::
Thanksto this power, Rayman is able to hang onto and swing on flying rings. The grabbing fist also allows him to pull the bonus icons towards himselfe. Same button as telescopic fist.
Grabbing fist (Press Space bar)

Rayman mit Magischem Korn
Magic seed ::

Tarayzan gives Rayman a magic
seed, which grows into a plant
  Grow a plant (Press CTRL)

The Magician ::
He is hidden away in the scenery. With his help, Rayman can enter into secret worlds. In these bonus stages, you skill and rapidity will allow you to earn Tings or a bonus life. It will cost you 10 Tings to take advantage of it.

The Photographer ::
He is there to immortalize your feats!. When you
lose a life, you start again in the last place where
the photographer took a picture of you.

Rayman 1 - Cheats ::

RAYLIVES = 99 lives
RAYPOINT = 5 energy points
RAYWIZ = 10 additional blue tings
POWER = all abilitys
GOLDFIST = golden fist
WINMAP = You win the level at once

Different versions of Rayman use differing sets of cheat codes.
If one set does not work in your game, try a code from the other set.

kom0ogdk - Restores 5 energy points
86e40g91 - Get 10 tings
2x2rmfmf - Golden fist
trj8p - 99 lives
en5gol2g - All powers
o8feh - Skip to next level
4ctrepfj - Access to all 6 worlds (map screen only)

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The Dream Forest

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