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Rayman 1 Box

01. Introduction02. Starting the game 03. How to play04. Worlds05. Using the controls
06. Information Screen07. Raymans Powers08. Improving the game 09. Saving the game10. Specifications
11. DOS Box12. Rayman Release13. Rayman-Demo14. Rayman Music15. Rayman Links
16. Rayman Cheats17. Game Platforms18. Box Art19. Google 


Raymans World
In Rayman world's, nature and people live together in peace.
The Great Protoon provides and maintains the harmony and
balance in the world.

Sorry Folks, this apparently can't last. (Do you want to play or
Raymans World

... one fateful day, the Great Protoon is stolen by Mr. Dark, an evil being!
The Electoons who used to gravitate around it lose their natural stability
and scatter all over the world! Troublesome, isn't it? (and untidy, too!)
In this now-unbalanced world, strange phenomena begin to occur: freaks
and hostile characters appear, capturing every Electoon they can find! They
definitely need a HERO to save them now, don't you think?
Rayman must recapture the Great Protoon from its mysterious kidnapper,
free the Electoons and reasseble them all to restore the world's harmony.
But will the bad guys let him do it?... After all, he doesn't have arms or legs...
but don't panic, neither do the bad guys.
Mr. Dark
Mr. Dark


1. Insert your Rayman cartridge in your Jaguar console.
2. Press the POWER button.

03. HOW TO PLAY ::

When you start the game, you can either choose a new game or select a previously saved game.

At the beginning of the game, you can use the "Options" function to change the music and the sound effects. To play, select "Start". You can begin a new game or decide to continue a previous game (you may choose from among three previously saved games). It is also possible to erase one game to start a brand new one. At the beginning of each game, a map will be displayed with the various possible worlds for Rayman. Each time you have completed a level, the available paths will be highlighted on the screen. Most of the time, you will be able to choose between two directions.

Rayman has to free the imprisoned Electoons to re-establish order in his world. For each level there
is a medallion with 6 empty spaces, each of which corresponds to a cage of Electoons which you have
to find. Each time you free a cage of Electoons, one space on the medallion is filled. In order to enter
the Candy Chateau level, you must first free all of the Electoons in the first five worlds.

If you go out through the entrance door to a level, you will lose all of the items (Tings, special powers,
etc.) that you picked up in that level.

Imprisoned ElectoonsImprisoned Electoons
Imprisoned ElectoonsImprisoned Electoons
Imprisoned Electoons
Imprisoned Electoons

04. WORLDS ::

In the different worlds of the game described here, you will meet the "bosses" several times: but don't
assume that you will be able to get rid of them so quickly, they could reappear a little later and maybe
have calmed down... and transformed into a real friend!


Rayman has to proceed through the jungle without ever falling into the
marsh-water. He will come across hunters and greenish explorers... This
is where he will meet Tarayzan, his first friend, whom he will help to get
dressed! The big boss is Moskito, the dreadful giant mosquito.

More Dream Forest >>>


In a scene of clouds and sheet music, Rayman proceeds among music
instruments (drums, maracas, cymbals...) and battles against wrong
notes. After having escaped from the trumpets, he will find himself
face to face with the deafening Mister Sax...
More Band Land >>>


Rayman has to move forward, avoiding rock avalanches and stone
creatures. In these mountains, Rayman meets his musician friend
whose guitar he helps to recover. The big boss to defeat is Mister
Stone, a creature made of rock.
More Blue Mountains >>>


This is the world of images, and also the world of mirages: passing across
the stage of a small theatre, Rayman can find on his path beings straight
from a pirate or a science fiction film. In particular, he meets Mama, an
impressive shrew armed with a bizarre rolling pin...
More Picture City >>>


This is a troubling underground world to which we access through
Rayman's friend Joe the extraterrestrial's cheerful snack bar. First
of all, Rayman has to plug in Joe's shop sign avoiding the spiders,
then he will work his way around the stalactites to the den of Skops
the Scorpion.
More Caves of Skops >>>


You enter the world of desserts where Mister Dark is hidden, guarded by
clowns carrying out amazing stunts... Be careful, Mister Dark is diabolical.
More Candy Chateau >>>

05. USING THE CONTROLS (Atari Jaguar Console) ::USING THE CONTROLS (PC) ::

PAUSE - Pause
OPTION - Start
LEFT - Left
RIGHT - Right
UP - Climb
DOWN - Descend / Flat on your belly
A - Sow Seed / Race
B - Jump / Helicopter
C - Fist
PAUSE - Pause
OPTION - Start
LEFT - Left
RIGHT - Right
UP - Climb
ALT+DOWN - Descend / Flat on your belly
CTRL - Sow Seed / Race
ALT - Jump / Helicopter
Space bar - Fist
Link - Rayman on System: Atari Jaguar >>>


Rayman Sceen
Number of Lives
Number of lives 
Power Indicator
"Power" - Indicator 
Number of Tings
Number of Tings 

Rayman 1 Screen


Rayan and fairy Betilla
In the beginning Rayman can carry out simple actions:
walking, jumping, holding onto vines, and crawling. As
you progress in the game, Rayman will gain new powers:
a fist, hanging onto platforms, racing, a grabbing fist, and
even a special helicopter feature!

The fairy Betilla grant him these very special powers. Each
time you will have a written explanation on the screen!
Rayman and fairy Betilla

Power fist
Hanging onto platforms
Special helicopter
Grabbing fist
Power fist
Hanging onto platforms
Special helicopter
Grabbing fist

Once you have acquired a new power, it will be useful to you in the rest of the game, but you should
also backtrack to thoroughly explore the levels you have already gone through, because you probably
haven't seen it all yet! Some surprises are waiting for you, things that you were unable to reach the
first time you came through...

There are two types of new powers: "permanent powers" (those that you will keep whatever happens)
and all the others.


Crawling ::
Press the down arrow and then B. To change direction, use the left or right diagonal on the bottom of
the direction cross.

Telescopic fist ::
Press C (Console) to send off the fist. The longer you keep the button pressed, the further the fist
will go. Press Space bar (PC)

Hanging onto ledges ::
When Rayman jumps or falls, he automatically hangs on to the nearby ledges.

Helicopter ::
Press B (Console)to jump, then press again to slow down with your helicopter blades.
Press ALT (PC) to jump, then press again to slow down with your helicopter blades.

The Race ::
This power-up not only allows you to move faster (of course!), but also to build up speed to jump further.
To activate it, press A while you're walking. (Console)
To activate it, press CTRL while you're walking. (PC)

Grabbing fist ::
Thanks to this power, Rayman is able to hang on to and to swing on flying rings; the grabbing fist also
allows him to bring objects towards himself.
Same button as the telescopic fist (C). (Console)
/ Same button as the telescopic fist (Space bar). (PC)


Tarayzan - Magic seed
Musician - Super helicopter
Joe - Firefly

Magic seed from Tarayzan ::
Tarayzan gives Rayman this seed, which grows into a flower immediately.
To plant seeds, press A. (Console)
To plant seeds, press CTRL (PC)
Tarayzan gives Rayman this seed

Super helicopter from Musican ::
This power-up is yours when the Musician gives you the magic flask which activates it.
It allows you to fly while having steering control.
To activate it, press B; to go higher, press it several times. (Console)
To activate it, press ALT; to go higher, press it several times. (PC)

Firefly from Joe ::
Joe will give you a firefly to light your way through the next level.


We won't give away all the secrets of the game (to keep the suspense...), but a few hints could be very
useful for you!

Imprisoned ElectoonsImprisoned Electoons
Imprisoned Electoons

The Electoons ::
Rayman has to free the imprisoned Electoons to re-establish order in his world.
Each level is represented by a medallion with 6 empty spaces on the map of the world, each of which
corresponds to a cage of electoons which you have to find. Each time you open a cage of Electoons,
one space on the medallion fills up.

The Powers ::

They symbolize Rayman's energy reserves. He starts off with 3 powers, but can win more on his
journey... or lose some during his battles! When you have run out of power, you lose a life.

Please note :: Your fist loses its power and its exceptional speed each time you are hit by an enemy.

The Lives ::
Look for them to have better chances to overcome your enemies.
The Lives The Lives

The Speed-Ups ::
They increase the speed of the fist. There are 3 possible speeds.
The Speed-Ups

The Golden Fist ::
Increases the power of Rayman's blows.
The Golden Fist

The Tings ::
If Rayman picks up a hundred of them, he gains an extra life, but they can also be used
to pay the magicians (saving games and bonus stages).

Continues ::

If you lose your last life they allow you to restart the game from
the last level played with a credit of 4 lives.

The Magician ::
He is hidden away in the scenery. With his help, Rayman can move into secret
worlds; in these bonus stages, your skill and rapidity will allow you to earn some
Tings or a bonus life. But please note that this magic stunt has to be merited, and
it will cost you 10 Tings to take advantage of it.
The magician
You will gain a bonus life if you manage to reach a perfect score in the bonus map.
This means you will have to get all the Tings within a minimum time limit. If you
achieve this perfect score, the bonus map will then be available at no charge, but
there will be no more bonus lives.

The Photographer ::

He is here to immortalize your feats! When you lose a life, you start again in the last place where he took a picture of you.


The Photographer ::
He is here to immortalize your feats! When you lose a life, you start again in the last place where he
took a picture of you.

Saving games ::
Each time you are at the map of the world, you can save your game: to open a saved game, move to
the icon on the world map.

When you save at the SAVE sites during game play, the saved version automatically replaces the
previously saved version. ERASE allows you to erase to saved version in order to restart the game
at the beginning.

When you are at the game world map screen, you can choose to exit the game you are playing by
pressing the OPTION button. Doing so will send you back to the save/load screen, and if you wish,
you can choose another game. But be careful, the game that you just left won't be saved if you do this!

The Save/Load screen gives you information about your previously saved games, including the name
under which the game was saved, the number of lives available, the number of Continues available,
and what percentage of the game's challenges you have accomplished.


PC CD-ROM - Windows 95/98 compatible
IBM & 100% compatibles
486 33 minimum - Pentium recommended
DOS version 5.0 or higher
Double speed CD-ROM drive - Keyboard or Joypad
4 MB RAM minimum - 8 MB recommanded
Graphic card VLB card - 256 colours
Sound card: Sound Blaster & compatibles

Rayman Sound Patch ::

here to download the patch. (sndcard.exe) File 47,9kb
1. If you are experiencing sound problem while playing Rayman, download the following patch:
If Rayman is installed, you can run the patch from anywhere. It's better to have it in the Rayman directory for clarity.
2. Type SNDCARD if you are under DOS, or double-click on the icon in Windows 95. 3. In the patch, select the number of the setting you want to change, and then set the parameter. When you're done, select Save and Exit.

11. DOS Box :: Run Rayman 1 under XP with DOS Box, currently the best DOS emulator. 

Rayman Game Operating System: DOS/Windows 3.1/95/98
This game does not run under Windows NT , Windows 2000
and Windows XP, but...

DOS Box Homepage
You can "re-live" the good old days with the help of DOSBox, it can run
plenty of the old games that don't run on your new XP computer!

Majority of old, DOS based games will have trouble running on modern OS'. The easiest way to make them work is to use a DOS emulator like DOS Box

Rayman Patches ::
Rayman Patches from Pok2 - Play Rayman under XP !!

Download from Rayman Fanpage
Patch for the original Rayman game
>>> Download - 2 MB
Patch for Rayman Gold
>>> Download - 1,9 MB
Patch for Rayman Designer
>>> Download - 1,9 MB
Rayman  Box (1995)
Rayman's World Box (1997)
Rayman  Gold Box (1998)
Pok2 Website - Geschlossen/Closed/Fermé!?
Rayman 1
Rayman's World
Rayman Gold
Rayman-Fanpage DOSBOX/XP Infos >>>   

Related Links :: DOS Box/DOSEMU

DOSEMU - Run DOS and many DOS programs under Linux

12. Rayman 1 - Released: 1995 ::

PC Release Date:PlayStation 1 Release Date:Jaguar Release Date: 
DOS - United States 1995
Windows - United States 1995

United States - 1995
Japan - 22 Sep 1995
Germany - Dec, 1995
United Kingdom - Dec, 1995
United States - 1995

Published By: Ubsoft Entertainment - Developed by Ubisoft Montpellier Studios
Release Info by MobyGames >>>
Rayman on System: Atari Jaguar >>>

Rayman 1 :: Credits
Concept: Michel Ancel & Frédéric Houde
Characters Creation: Alexandra Steible
Design: Bruno Bouvret, Sacha Gentilhomme, Michaël Guez, Christophe Thibaut
Michaël Guez, Christophe Thibaut, Gunther Galipot.
Animation: Alexandra Steible; in Zusammenarbeit mit Kamal Aitmihoub, David Gilson, Sophie Esturgie,
Jacques Exertié, Grégoire Pont, Véronique Rondello, Béatrice Sauterau, Philippe Vindolet,
Christian Volckman
Background: Sylvaine Jenny, Éric Pelatan
Computer-Graphics: Jean-Christophe Alessandri, Sophie Ancel, Nicolas Bocquillon, Jean-Marc Geffroy, Laurent Rettig, Olivier Soleil
Programming: Olivier Couvreur, Antonio Ferreira, Benoit Germain, Christophe Giraud, Bertrand Hélias, François Mahieu
Music (Lead): Stephane Bellanger, Didier Lord
Sounds (Lead): Stephane Bellanger, Didier Lord
Sounds: Olivier Amiaud, Nathalie Drouet, Rémy Gazel, Frederic Louvre, Frédéric Prados, Olaf Zalcman

Source :: Ubisoft - Mobygames

13. Rayman 1 Demo ::

Download Rayman Game Demo (2,65 MB) >>> Download <<<



Rayman Demo readme.txt

Welcome to a brief demo of RAYMAN, the adventure platform game that has everyone raving!
(Windows 95/98)
This demo contains one interactive playable demo taken from The Dream Forest world of the full
version of the game, and several non-interactive looping demos that will show you a bit of the rest
of Rayman's wild world.
To run:
1. Open File Manager from the Windows main screen
2. Click on the icone representing your CD-ROM drive (usually D:)
3. Open the RAYMAN folder by clicking on it twice
4. Click twice on the file called RAYMAN.EXE

Keyboard Controls:
Letter X: Make a face
CTRL key: Jump
ALT key: Fist -- the longer you hold the key the farther you punch.
If you do not touch the joypad for several minutes, the non-interactive looping demos will begin.


14. Rayman 1 Music ::

Download Rayman1 Music (Example) from.
50 different Audio Tracks from Rayman1 Game as mp3 files.
Download on:
(Choose from the Menu
> Sega Soundtracks > Sega Saturn Music > Rayman )

French website with music from Rayman 1 - Rayman 2 and Rayman 3

Link - Rayman Musik

15. Rayman Links ::

Rayman-Fanpage Links >>>

All pages about Rayman.
See Rayman-Fanpage Sitemap >>>

Rayman PS1 - FAQ/WALKTHROUGH by DEngel:

16. Rayman1 Cheats ::

RAYLIVES = 99 lives
RAYPOINT = 5 energy points
RAYWIZ = 10 additional blue tings
POWER = all abilitys

GOLDFIST = golden fist
WINMAP = You win the level at once
After you have found all of the cages and defeated the final bosses, type this code at the map screen to play a hidden breakout game

 Different versions of Rayman use differing sets of cheat codes. If one set does not work in your game, try a code from the other set.

kom0ogdk - Restores 5 energy points
86e40g91 - Get 10 tings
2x2rmfmf - Golden fist
trj8p - 99 lives
en5gol2g - All powers
o8feh - Skip to next level
4ctrepfj - Access to all 6 worlds (map screen only)
For all codes, letters must be typed with no shift, alt or control keys. All numbers must be entered by using the keys on the top row of the keyboard, not the numeric keypad. While the cheat codes may be entered any time during a level, you may find it easier to press the PAUSE key to freeze the game, type the code, then unpause the game.

Karen's Rayman 1 website's
Can't find what you are looking for?
Try Karen's Rayman 1
Karen's Rayman 1

17. Rayman 1 Game- Platforms ::   

PC CD ROMSega SaturnAtari JaguarPlaystation 1spacerGameBoyColorspacerGameBoyAdvancespacer
Rayman DSi Ware
PC CD ROMSega SaturnAtari JaguarPlaystation 1GBCGBANintendo DSi  

Pocket PCPalm OS spacerspacerspacer  
Pocket PCPalm OS      

Sega Saturn Logo
Atari Jaguar Logo
PS1 Logo
Nintendo DSi Logo
gameloft Logo

18. Rayman 1 :: Box Art

Rayman box front
 Rayman  Box back


Platform: DOS/Windows 95/98 CD-ROM

Packaging: Box European
Released: 1995
Box - Front
Box - Back

Rayman - FREE CD ROM DEMO - The Short Trip
Rayman - FREE CD ROM DEMO - The Short Trip

- The Short Trip
USA Boxshot 1995 - (Boxshot von Mario H.)
DOS/Windows 3.1/95/98 CD-ROM
Release Date: 1995

Rayman Playstation 1 Box front
Rayman Playstation 1 Box back
Sony PS1


Platform: Sony Playstation 1 (PS1)

Packaging: Box
Released: 1995
Box - Front
Box - Back

Rayman Atari Jaguar
Rayman Atari Jaguar
Rayman - Published by Ubisoft Entertainment Software
Platform: Jaguar/Atari
Packaging: Box
Jaguar/Atari Manual - Download - 2.10 MB (Zip)
Jaguar/Atari Manual - Download - 2,24 MB PDF
Released: 1995
Box - Front
Box - Back

RaymanSega Saturn
RaymanSega Saturn
Sega Saturn

- Published by Ubisoft Entertainment Software
Platform: Sega Saturn
Packaging: Box
Released: 1995
Box - Front
Box - Back

See all Rayman Box Art:
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Rayman Fanpage - Rayman Games from USA - Europe - Middel East - Asia >>>

19. :: Google Search Website

So plug in your joystick and it's your turn to play ... Good luck!

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