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Rayman Raving Rabbids - The Story
Rayman returns for a fourth installment

The world of Rayman is threatened by a devastating invasion of
demonic raving rabbids. As Rayman, battle to save his world
and its inhabitants from the nasty, mischievous, insane...
and completely out of control bunnies!

Beware of the Rabbids!
In Rayman’s world, there once lived sweet little cute rabbits that were constantly victimised by more
ferocious animals. One day, they disappeared from the Earth’s surface, secretly planning their massive
invasion. Armed with enormous war machines, they have now returned to enslave Rayman’s world and
get their final revenge!

Combat the Ultra-Crazed Evil Rabbits - Take control of Rayman and his knack for attack to help save his
world from the raving rabbids. They are mischievous, insane and completely out of control. There are several
types of rabbids each with its own mischievous characteristics.

Master and Ride Creatures - Tame and control various creatures such as sharks, eagles, rhinos, spiders and
angelfish. Rayman can master each animal?s unique capabilities to help in his battle against the devious rabbits.

Dress to Impress - Customize and disguise Rayman. Go punk, pop, rock or hip hop to infiltrate the bunnies and
foil their devious plans.

Explore the Colorful Fantastic World of Rayman - Explore amazing free-roaming environments and beautiful
epic landscapes that mix real and fantastical styles to create a visually stunning experience.

These poor little creatures have become deceitful, uncontrollable and completely psychotic. Our hero and his friends have been kidnapped by these diabolical rodents and have become their slaves. Like a gladiator, Rayman must endure a series of trials for their amusement. But will he manage to gain enough popularity to save his world and his friends from this veritable Invasion of the Rabbids? Source: Ubisoft


Rayman Raving Rabbids :: Ubisoft Interview with Michel Ancel - Ubisoft's Montpellier Studio

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