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Rayman Raving Rabbids - Team Introduction
Ubisoft's Montpellier Studio

Rayman Raving Rabbids - Team Introduction

  Ubisoft's Montpellier Studio - Team Introduction:
Jacques Exertier - Creative Story and Scriptwriter
Frederic Houde – Lead AI Programmer
Florent Sacre - Art Director - Jean Philippe Caro – Production Coordinator
Hubert Chevillard – Rabbid Modeller - Pierre Arnaud Lambert – Producer
Christophe Delabrouhe – Game Designer
Fabrice Décréau – Lead Engineer - Patrick Bodard – Lead Animator
Adrian Lacey – Game Manager
Yoan Fanise and Yoann Perrier – Sound Designer and Bunnies Voice
Loic Gounon – Senior Marketing Coordinator
Olivier Desanges – QA manager - Olivier Soleil – Lead Cinematic


Bunny Jacques Exertier ::
Creative Story and Scriptwriter
The lead storyteller was captured whilst playing squash in 2004. Having been an integral part of games such as the first Rayman, Beyond Good & Evil and King Kong, Jacques had been targeted by the “Rabbids” to create their ultimate weapon: a large carrot! Now he is currently watched by the Rabbids as he makes the final touches to the game!

Jacques Exertier


Bunny Frederic Houde :: Lead AI Programmer
One of the first members of the Montpellier team, Fred now faces the greatest challenge yet: ensuring the Rabbids act in an intelligent and natural fashion. For most games, Fred would find this a simple task, but he now only has the limited intelligence of the bunnies to work with and teaching them anything is never easy!

Frederic Houde


Bunny Florent Sacre :: Art Director
As Art Director, Florent just simply likes to draw beautiful and stylized environ- ments where everyone can sing and play. Unfortunately, with the arrival of the Rabbids, they won’t leave his pens and pencils alone and so he must juggle between giving artistic direction and chasing the bunnies around the building to get his stuff back!

Florent Sacre

Jean-Philippe Caro

Bunny Jean-Philippe Caro ::
Production Coordinator
Being enslaved by bunnies is never easy, but losing all your privacy is another problem altogether. However, even in situations like this, JP still fines time to help coordinate the various game elements and keep the communication between the bunnies and the rest of the team as high as possible. The lack of privacy has even led him to be inspired in implementing it in the game with "bunnies never close doors."


Hubert Chevillard

Bunny Hubert Chevillard :: Rabbid Modeller
Having spent many years drawing comic books and producing nice pictures, the Rabbids stopped at nothing to capture Hubert. Their plans were simple: he would draw the perfect bunny which the Rabbids would use as a symbol of their beauty!


 Pierre-Arnaud Lambert

Bunny Pierre-Arnaud Lambert :: Producer
The bunnies are less than excited about Monday morning production planning meetings, and Pierre-Arnaud has the difficult task of keeping them entertained and concentrated on getting the game made.



Bunny Christophe Delabrouhe ::
Game Designer
Christophe’s keen interest in dancing has been a key reason why the bunnies were so eager to work with him. His nimble feet have even managed to gain the interest of one of the larger and less friendly Rabbids.

 Christophe Delabrouhe


Bunny Fabrice Décréau :: Lead Engineer
Working with technology is not always easy, but trying to teach the Rabbids how to use our JADE engine is a tiresome and difficult task. Our lead engineer has adopted many different ways to get them to work efficiently -- some a little more unconventional than others!

Fabrice Décréau


Bunny Patrick Bodard ::
Lead Animator
Patrick managed to give our limbless hero a great deal of moves since his debut 10 years ago. He now has the task of getting our little raving Rabbids to learn how to jump, run and eat whilst dealing with the fact that they only have tiny little legs and arms!

Patrick Bodard


Bunny Adrian Lacey :: Game Manager
The Rabbids were naturally drawn to Adrian as he was similar in height and stature. The bunnies would use him to communicate and reveal their secret weapon to the world. Adrian has done everything possible to foil their evil plans.

Adrian Lacey


Bunny Yoan Fanise and Yoannn Perrier ::
Sound Designer and Bunnies Voice
Sound designer and our resident voice training coach, Yoan Fanise and Yoann Perrier were forced to teach the Rabbids how to sing, but despite their efforts our long-eared friends were unable to hold a note and in their frustration scream regularly! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Yoan Fanise and Yoannn Perrier

Loic Gounon

BunnyLoic Gounon ::
Senior Marketing Coordinator
Being able to speak many different languages including "Rabbid," our Marketing Coordinator is able to communicate on a very special level with the bunnies. They find Loic to have an enormous amount of facial hair for a human and in their world this is a sign of intelligence!


Olivier Desanges

Bunny Olivier Desanges ::
QA manager
Olivier is one of our biggest Nintendo fans and he stops at nothing to put the games through intense and rigorous testing. Unfortunately, since the arrival of the Rabbids, he now has to deal with their "testing" behavior as well!


Olivier Soleil

Bunny Olivier Soleil :: Lead Cinematic
As most Hollywood directors will tell you, working with children and animals is never a good idea, but Rabbids are a different problem altogether. Olivier and his team keep them in line by providing the bunnies with an endless supply of carrot juice and strict direction whilst performing!


Source: Ubisoft - ign RRR Blog  

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