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Im Spiel die Start Taste drücken für den Pausenmodus,
dann den entsprechenden Button auf dem GBA

Im Pause-Modus eingeben . . .

Volle Lebensenergie
99 Leben
Alle Fähigkeiten
25 blaue Tings (Kugeln)
Alle Levels

Unbegrenzt Continues
Drücke im Continue-Bildschirm:

Unbegrenzt Continues

Link zu

Infinite continues
At the continue screen, press Up, Down, Right,
Left, Start
to continue without using a continue.
(Continues code from - LiNkIn - )

Cheats gesehen bei Cheat Code Central

Pour avoir des continus infinis,
lorsque vous vous retrouvez sur l'écran des continus

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Rayman Rayman GBA Walkthrough in Englisch Rayman

Rayman Advance - Walkthrough/FAQ - Version 1.1
Last Updated: 6/22/01 / By Hylianhero

01) Introduction
02) Updates 3) Characters
04) Bosses 5) Worlds
06) Special Abilities
07) Items 8) Walkthrough
09) Electoon Cages
10) Codes/Secrets
11) FAQ 12) Credits
13) Disclaimer

Welcome to my Rayman Advance Walkthrough/FAQ Guide. This is my first FAQ for GameFAQs, so if you're reading this, it got posted. Rayman Advanced is a splendid game from Ubi Soft, and it mixes great graphics with stellar gameplay. The game looks exact- ly like the first one on the PSX.

I hope you find this FAQ helpful in every way possible. Hopefully, it will help you enjoy the game as much as I did. The game is very long, and also very addictive, so it will last you a long time. Now, enough with thise-onto the FAQ!

2) Updates:
6/22/01-Finished version 1.1 of this FAQ. I filled in everything pretty well except the walkthrough and electoon cages, but I'm still working on those.

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3) Characters:
The characters in this game look absolutely stunning, but you also need to know who they are. Some actually get pretty confusing after a while, so here's something to help you out.

Rayman-The limbless hero, Rayman returns to save another world from destruction. He needs to be granted abilities from people in order to advance in the game.

The Magician-The Magician is a mysterious creature who first brings you to the land. If you find him in stages, you can pay him 10 Tings to enter a bonus stage to compete for an extra life.

Betilla the Fairy-This fairy is found is various stages throughout the game. She grants Rayman different abilities for different tasks.

The Photographer-A very useful character, he can take your picture, which will act as a continue point if you die in that stage.

Tarayzan-This Jurassic Age person has misplaced his clothes. Return them to him and he will grant you a power to grow plants to use as stepping stones to avoid the rising water.

The Musician-This man is singing the blues since he lost his guitar. Return it to him, and he'll give you a magic flask, enabling you to fly for that stage!

Joe the Extra-Terrestrial-This alien gives Rayman the firefly ability to light up dark caves around his house.

Flying Blue Elves-These little fairies can shrink you and return you to your normal size to pass obstacles and tight spaces.

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4) Bosses:
At the end of every world, there's a boss (duh). Some will give you more trouble then others. Many times you will meet the boss in other stages before the battle, where you may be able to inflict damage on him that will carry over to the boss battle(like Mr. Sax).

Moskito-You will fight him in the second level of the Dream Forest for the first time, but the actual fight takes place in the fourth level. Simply punch him to cause damage. When he carries little spiked balls, punch him to make him lose the ball. When he has big ones, simply walk under them when they're in the air, and continue attacking.

Mr. Sax-In the fourth level of the Band Land world, you will be able to inflict 2-3 hits before actually fighting Mr. Sax. Punch his NORMAL size notes back at him. When he shoots a big note in the air, duck to avoid it exploding and releasing little notes that will hurt you. Sometimes he will throw a note bomb on the ground, which is when you should use your helicopter ability. When he tries to jump on you, run under him to the other side.

Mr. Stone-At the beginning of the battle, run to the left, jump on the boulder, jump up, grab the power-up, and punch the smiley face. It will hit him. Now use you heli- copter to fly to the other side. Avoid the rocks that fall on you. When he has a boulder in his hands, punch it to make him drop it, then use it to punch the face.

Space Mama-Space Mama will mainly shoot lasers at you, which you need to crawl and run from to stay alive. After you dodge some of her hits, punch her in the head, but make sure she doesn't block it. Destroy her washing machine when she uses it for a shield. More soon........

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5) Worlds:
Dream Forest-This world consists of the Pink Plant Woods, the Anguish Lagoon, Swamps of Forgetfulness, and Moskito's Ness. You'll meet up with Betilla the Fairy twice here, where she grants you the telescopic fist and grappling ability. Rayman will also meet the seed-loving naked Tarayzan.

Band Land-Explore shakers, notes, broken music scores, drums, and other instruments in Bongo Hills,Allergo Presto, Gong Heights, and Mr. Sax's Hillaballoo. Here, Betilla the Fairy will grant you the hanging power.

Blue Montains-Dodge spikes, boulders and other hazards in the Twilight Gulch, Hard Rocks, and Mr. Stone's Peak. The musician will grant Rayman a flying power for finding his guitar, and Betilla will bestow a running ability on you after hammering Mr. Stone.

Picture City-Be creative in the Eraser Plains, Pencil Pentathlon, and Space Mama's Crater. Dodge the ying-yangs and swing from hoop to hoop over bottomless pits.

Caves of Skops-Meet up with aliens in the Crystal Palace, Eat at Joe's, and Mr. Skop's Stalactites. Meet up with Joe the Extra-Terrestrial to be given the Firefly ability, which will allow you to explore dark caves.

Candy Chateau-Congraluations! You've collected every Electoon and have made it to the final area. Face off with Mr. Dark here, and images of Mr. Skops, Space Mama, and Moskito. It's all or nothing in a battle for all the worlds!

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6) Special Abilities:
Telescopic Fist-This power is given to Rayman at the pink Plant woods level in the Dream forest. Simply press B to execute the move. Holding B will make the fist go further.

Hanging-This ability is received at the end of the second level of the Dream Forest. It lets you hang from the edge of a cliff of an object.

Magic Seed-Tarayzan gives you this when you return his clothes in the Swamps of Forget- fulness. Press the R button to plant a seed.

Grappling-Betilla the Fairy grants Rayman the grappling ability after beating Moskito in the Moskito's Nest level in the Dream Forest. Simply punch when you're close to a pink hoop to swing from it.

Helicopter-Rayman receives a hair-involving ability at the end of the Allergo Presto level in Band Land. Tap A while in the air to execute this move.

Super Helicopter-Returning the guitar to the musician in Mr. Stone's peak in the Blue Mountains World will give Rayman the ability to fly. Keep tapping A while in the air to fly higher.

Running-After beating Mr. Stone in the Blue Mountain world, Betilla will bestow Rayman with a running ability. Hold R while walking to run.

Firefly-Joe the Extra-Terrestrial will give you this ability to light caves in the "Eat at Joe's" level in the Caves of Skop world. Punch your fist outwards, and the light will follow it.


7) Items:
Tings-These blue little balls are the collectibles of this game. Collect 100 to earn yourself an extra life.

1-Up Trophy-Found in the open, or after you complete a magician's mini-game or collect 100 tings, these grant you an extra life.

Health Ball-These power balls will refill or even boost your health meter by two spots depending on the type of ball it is.

Magic Fist-Depending on what type it is, the magic fist will allow you to increase your punching power or speed.

Continues-These let you continue from the last spot you entered a stage or took a picture.

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8) Walkthrough:
Pink Plant Woods, Dream Forest

Stage 1-Jump around and collect some tings, then head to the right side of the screen and jump onto the hand. Continue jumping on platforms until you reach the stage exit sign.

Stage 2-Jump across the water, and take the lower path. Avoid the enemies, and climb up the little multi-colored vine sticking up from the ground to nab a Health Ball. Continue through the level until you reach the photographer. Continue going right, and jump from vine to vine avoiding the fishes. Now jump onto the platform to exit the stage.

Stage 3-Talk to Betilla to get the telescopic fist ability. Punch the plum, then stand on it, and jump up to the platform to reach the stage exit sign.

Stage 4-Practice your punching ability on some enemies, then climb the vines, hitting an electoon cage on the way. Continue going right until hammers start flying at you from behind, then turn around and whack the shooter. Now continue on. Continue on the top set of platforms until you reach a plum. Now drop down to the central platforms and continue right. Punch the shooter, then free the electoon, and exit this level.

Anguish Lagoon, Dream Forest

Stage 1-Keep going right until you reach floating platforms, which you should quickly climb on to get to the next platform. Now go left, and kill the shooter and free the electoons. Now exit the stage.

Stage 2-Fall down the long drop and fight Moskito for the first time. Keep punching him in the noggin to win. Rayman will befriend him, and ride on him. Now avoid the obstacles and spikes, and ride him to the stage exit.

Stage 3-Now talk to Betilla to be given the hanging ability. Hang on the platform with tings, then head to the stage and level exit.

A lot more coming soon.....

9) Electoon Cages:
Huh, a section with not even a bit of info in it? Yeah, that's right. I have some people helping me with this section, and they're still getting everything together. As soon as they submit at least 1 level of cage locations, you'll see it here and the credits.

10) Codes/Secrets:
Infinite Continues Code
As posted by LiNkIn:
"when you lose all your lives and are at the continue screen, press up, down, right, left and start and you will see that you didn't lose a single continue."
Thanks to LiNkIn for the continues code.

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11) FAQ:
Q: Your FAQ said I get the magical seed ability for the swamps of forgetfulness....but after the first stage, it's gone?!!??!?
A: You only get the helicopter, firefly, and magical seed ability for the stage it is needed on.

Q: I'm in the Pink Plant Woods, but when I press start to save, it asks me to quit!
A: You need t complete the first level to access the the save point. There are also many other save points throughout the game.

Q: There's a pink hoop, but I can't swing from it! Help!
A: You need to acquire the grappling ability, found by beating Moskito in Moskit's Nest.

Q: Is there a 2-player mode?
A: There is no 2-player mode, single or multipak, in this game.

Q: How do I kill this red-lipped thing that spits out green enemies?
A: You can't beat it, just punch it in the mouth so it stops, and jump over it.

Q: What is that hat I see in levels? And how do I reach it?
A: The hat will become a magician if you walk close to it with at least 10 tings. Pay him 10 tings to compete in a mini-game for an extra life.

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12) Credits:
I would like to thank many people in this section: Ubi Soft, for making this graphically stunning game.
Nintendo, for making the ultimate study hall system. CJayC, for maintaining a great site, and also for posting this FAQ. Lots of people at the Rayman Advance Message Board for encouragement.
Alucard and MacDadyDylan for Electoon Cage Help. LiNkIn for the continue code.
Hopefully, more soon.....

13) Disclaimer:
This Walkthrough/FAQ is Copyright 2001-2002 Hylianhero.
All rights reserved.
All characters are registered trademarks of Ubi Soft Entertainment.
You may directly link to this FAQ, but you must give me credit.
You cannot, and I repeat, CANNOT take anything from this FAQ without
asking permission.
If you are caught, legal action will be taken. If you find any bugs, errors, or
typos in this FAQ, please email me and I will fix them immediately.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoyed my Rayman Advance Walkthrough/FAQ.
Now go and play the game! Enjoy yourself!

- Hylianhero -

Copyright 2001-2002 Hylianhero


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French Solution : RAYMAN Advance

French Solution : RAYMAN Advance >>> Ubi Soft >>>

update 10.09.2005

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