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History of Rayman .. Games - The years 1994 - 1998

Michel Ancel & Rayman
Year 1994

Rayman has become Ubi Soft's mascot throughout the world, from the United States to China. This surprising character, created by Michel Ancel, is now limbering up to put his skills to the test in a third adventure. But, first of all, let's remind ourselves of how he saw the light of day …
Rayman book


Rayman was born in 1994 from the sketches of Michel Ancel - a young graphic designer whom no-one had then heard of, with a passion for Russian, Chinese and Celtic fairy tales. Ubi Soft decided to give the character a chance by developing his first adventure, throwing everything they'd got into the project. Thus began the Rayman adventure!

The first warning shot across the bows!
Year 1995

Rayman was released on the new PlayStation console in 1995 and was an instant runaway success. For the first time, a video game publisher in the West was offering a serious alternative to the famous Japanese characters!
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Rayman - the legless, armless hero, with his big, mischievous eyes - could perform all kinds of increasingly aerial movements. He had get-up-and-go and a great sense of humour. He could run, jump, shoot his fist through space, or use his hair like helicopter rotor blades, making it spin round to take flight


In this first adventure, Rayman confronted the dreaded Mister Dark and succeeded in restoring order to his devastated world. The sparkling colours, the variety of the music (unmatched in quality at the time) and Rayman's manoeuvrability soon made the game a mega-hit. And, thanks to his dismembered appearance, Rayman stood out from the rank and file of other game characters! The fan sites boomed, and the cool, unflappable hero had become a star! Meanwhile, Rayman's second great adventure was at last under way …

ElectoonSkopsMr.DarkThe MagicianSpace MamaMr. StonePirat MamaBetilla the FairyElectoon

In Raymans world, nature and inhabitants live together in peace. The Great Protoon holds the balance
and the harmony in the universe. Until one day, Mister Dark ousts him, plunging Raymans world into
darkness. Rayman will have to find and save all the toons and then destroy Mister Dark, in order to
save the Great Protoon.

PlayStation 1
Sega Saturn
Atari Jaguar
Rayman - FREE CD ROM DEMO - The Short Trip
PlayStation 1
Sega Saturn
Atari Jaguar
(Boxshot von Mario H.)

Rayman :: Rayman on Atari Jaguar - AGH Jaguar Review



AGH Rayman Jaguar Review

Many of the third party Jaguar titles up to this point have merely been ports of existing 16-bit and PC games. Furthermore, the translation has often been rushed, with no special enhancements to take advantage of the Jag's superior hardware capabilities. Ubi Soft is one of the first to design a game - from scratch - that harnesses the graphical prowess of Atari's 64-bit machine. It's a jewel of a platformer with some of the most vivid colors found on any title to date.

As with just about every Mario-esque game out there, you run, jump and collect items (jewels in this case) as you romp through each level in an attempt to clear each stage and finish the game. Rayman adds a few new twists to the genre by giving players the ability to punch and stick your tongue out. You'll also find the obligatory bonus stages scattered throughout some of the levels, which gives you a chance at extra lives. Nothing groundbreaking in the gameplay department, but that's not where the beauty of Rayman lies.

The graphics are truly stunning. It's the first title to utilize the entire 65,000 color palette on-screen, and it shows. The hand-drawn sprites are highly detailed. The characters move with incredible fluidity. And like in good Disney films, the animation is liquid smooth. Layers and layers of parallax scrolling rounds out the exemplary resume of Rayman's visual treats. The sounds don't quite measure up to the graphical quality of the game, but it's still good. I'm guessing that there was only so much data that Ubi Soft was able to cram into a tiny cartridge. The crystal clear sound effects and redbook audio found in the Playstation version is an indication of how the sounds in Jaguar Rayman might have been had more storage space been available. Nevertheless, the music is appropriate to the game, and sound effects compliment the game nicely.

If there's a gripe to be had, it's in Rayman's high level of difficulty. It's not littered with "cheap shots" found in other games that are meant to keep things challenging, but Rayman is no cakewalk. The levels are very long, and one slight mishap and you're all the way back to the beginning of the level. On the plus side, you can save your game in progress, and control is spot-on. No floaty controls here; you can stop on a dime.

Players who have long since tired of two-dimensional side-scrolling platformers won't find anything here to bring them back to this genre. But Rayman has filled in a large gaping hole in the Jaguar library, and subsequent developers can now move onto making a good Sports or Racing game. Rec

Source: AGH


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Rayman Learning Games
Year 1996

Amazing Learning Games with Rayman - Released in the USA 1996
"The first action adventure game that's educational, too!"
* All the exciting game-play of the original Rayman * 3 knowledge adventures * 12 activities
* 180 game-play levels * 6 outrageous worlds * 50 fascinating characters * Eye popping animation (from box) Source: kmgassociates.com
Amazing Learning Games

Lesen und Rechnen
Lesen und Rechnen
Englisch mit Rayman
Französisch mit Rayman

"Rayman Lernspiele", released 1996 in Germany, with "Englisch/Französisch/Lesen und Rechnen mit Rayman".

Englisch mit Rayman
Englisch mit Rayman
Englisch mit Rayman

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Rayman's World & Rayman Gold
Year 1997

Rayman's World Logo Rayman's World released by Ubisoft in 1997
Rayman's World comes with new levels and a brand new revolutionary map-building tool. The Mapper gives you everything you need to construct your own levels and share them with other

Differences from the Rayman 1 Game ::
There are no cages in Rayman's new 24 levels! The levels are not connected. No big bosses to fight at the end of the level. No magicians with hidden bonus levels. No additional life, collecting 100 blue tings. You can't save a game; you must complete the entire level.
Collecting 100 blue tings usually triggers the appearance of the exit sign. New balloons.
A balloon is inflated by a punch from Rayman's fist. Rayman can then jump on top of it when
it is inflated... but act quickly, because his weight immediately deflates the balloon.
Rayman's World


Rayman designer
In Rayman Designer, fans were given the tools and opportunity to create their own levels for Rayman's World.
With the Mapper you build the landscapes. The Event Editor (
Event - All independent moving objects) is the
tool to insert the events in your map.
Create your own levels for Rayman's World.

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Rayman Gold released by Ubisoft in October 1997
"Whether you're a fan of the original million-selling Rayman or a newcomer to
Rayman's wacky world, Rayman Gold is the ultimate collection! Enjoy twice
the gameplay with the complete, original Rayman game plus 24 brand new
super-challenging levels.
Rayman Gold Logo

Rayman Gold / Box 1
Rayman Gold / Box2

Unleash your own levels on the world with Rayman's revolutionary map-building tools. The included Mapper gives you everything you need to construct your own levels and share them with other Rayman fanatics!"(from Rayman Gold box)
Source: kmgassociates.com

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Rayman 100 niveaux & Rayman par ses fans
Year 1998

Ubisoft France released in 1998 "Rayman 100 niveaux" and "Rayman par ses fans"

"Rayman 100 niveaux" LE "ADD-ON" DES MORDUS DE RAYMAN Exclusif! 100 niveaux(dont 60 inédits) + 3 mini-jeux + Making of Rayman 2 Le jeu ne nécessite pas une version précédente de Rayman
"Rayman par ses fans". Rayman le jeu original, Rayman Designer avec l'éditeur de niveaux et Rayman par ses Fans:
Rayman 100 Niveaus (Add On)
Rayman par ses fans

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